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7-Layer Engineered Hardwood Flooring Maple Natural Flooring
7-Layer Engineered Hardwood Flooring Maple Natural Flooring

Size: 3-1/2"(90mm) X 1/2"(12mm) X 3'(900mm)
Color: Natural Color
Installation: Glue, Floating
Radiant Heat: Yes

Construction 7 Alternative Crossing Layers, Long Strip
Installation Type Glue, Floating (No Nail)
Finish Type 7 Coatings of Aluminum Oxide Plus UV
Grade Premium, No Any Knots
Gloss Level Semi-Gloss
Edge Design Beveled Edge all four sides
Species Maple
Finish Warranty 30 Year
Width 3-1/2"(90mm)
Thickness 1/2"(12mm)
Length 3'(900mm)


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Why Greenland Premium Hardwood Flooring?
  • By combining precise craftsmanship with oak species, we are able to bring a unique elegance like no other into your living environment by adding a new decorative edge, an ascetically pleasing atmosphere and sturdy flooring construction incorporating the latest state of the art technology
  • Greenland Premium hardwood flooring focuses on the benefits of natural hardwoods - by defining its natural beauty through captivating grain and color variations, we are able to show off nature's artwork as distinct as a fingerprint. Our natural focus introduces timeless individuality and imagination your living space
  • Always in constant pursuit of new and innovative ways to improve, add value and perfect the technology of our engineered hardwood floors

Why Greenland Premium 7-Layer Engineered Hardwood Floor?

  • 3MM Authentic real hardwood top layer: Whenever you are ready for engineered floor, never forget to find the thickness of the top layer. If you find any the engineered floor here in the North America less expensive than from our store, 100% they have a very thin top layer such as just 1mm. This is very important. Keep in your mind all the time. All of our selections available in the Greenland Premium Engineered Floor are the Natural species themselves. These are not simply stains. For example, the Canadian Maple option is made of actual Canadian Maple grown in North America. Greenland Premium Engineered Floor consists of a balanced selection of these desired species created with conscious effort for lasting value and environment alike.
  • 1/2" or 9/16" thickness: Another important point for the price is the overall thickness of the strip or plank. We never sell floors with 5/16" or any other sizes thinner than 1/2". This 7 layer cross grain engineered floor with thickness of 1/2"or 9/16" accentuate the natural beauty of hardwoods visually and meantime give flooring superior stability.
  • 3-1/2" or 5" width: 3" or 5" width compliments the species chosen exceptionally well and allows a fuller visual of the grain. The micro-beveled edge evenly milled into all four sides of the plank further showcases the stately dimension of the 3" or 5" width. It goes without saying that the entire width of each plank consists of one full piece of wood.
  • 7 Cross-Ply construction: Cross-Ply engineered construction is a manufacturing process in which various layers of wood are fused together. Each layer is laid with the grain running the opposite direction. Heat, pressure, and adhesives fuse the plies of wood together similar to a sheet of plywood. This gives flooring planks superior stability over that of 3/4" flooring options. The core layers are dense and tightly packed, gap free. Engineered floors are now recognized as the preferred format for wood floors. When an engineered floor is subjected to more moisture than normal or even drier conditions than normal the grains of the ply that are running different directions actually pull away from each other rather than shrinking or growing in one direction. This minimizes growth and shrinkage of the flooring, creating a more stable surface for use in a variety of applications. The Greenland Premium Engineered Floor series features a 7-ply core construction, quality found in only the highest grade floors.
  • 30 year wear through warranty: A Finish 7 coatings of UV cured polyurethane with aluminum oxide provides a strong, abrasion and scratch resistant floor backed by a 30 year wear through warranty. Can be installed over almost any surface from concrete to vinyl.
  • No Wax easy maintenance: Active lives demand floors that perform. The Greenland Premium Engineered Floor is a hardwood floor that is made for the way we live today. With its no wax finish, weekly maintenance has never been easier. Just sweep and clean like normal and you are on your way
  • Flexible installation: Milled precisely using the newest innovative technology for easy, problem free installation Above, below, or on grade, both concrete and wood subfloors. The Greenland Premium Engineered Floor offers a variety of installation options. The 7 ply engineered plank can be nailed down, glued down, or floated over an approved flooring underlayment. The floor can be installed on all grades, including below grade, on grade, and above grade. It can go in any room in the home and is stable enough to be installed over a radiant heating system should the need arise.

Why Greenland Premium OAK 3-Layers Engineered Hardwood Oak Floorings?
  • Size: 3' X 5-1/8"X 3/4"Accentuating the natural beauty of hardwoods visually with all 5-1/8 "wide planks.
  • Enjoy more comfortability and stability with 3/4"not 1/2" or 3/8" Thickness.
  • Milled precisely with micro bevel edges for all four sides for easy, problem free installation
  • 100% hardwood design including 4mm Hardwood Oak Top Layer, 15mm Hardwood Oak(not softwood) Core and 3mm Hardwood Oak(not softwood) Backing: 3 alternative crossing layer type construction provides great stability with a 4mm top layer allowing the ability of being refinished professionally several times backed by a lifetime structural warranty against buckling and warping
  • 7 coatings of UV cured polyurethane with aluminum oxide provides a strong, abrasion and scratch resistant floor backed by a 30 year wear through warranty Can be installed over almost any surface from concrete to vinyl
Durable Excellence
  • After selecting and milling some of the world's most finest and beautiful oak hardwoods, we have developed a finish that would protect and enhance the natural woods
  • Our Super Durable finish is a 11-step process that combines UV cured urethane with alumimum oxide technology to provide an abrasion and scratch resistant floor
  • This combination of technologies will assure you lasting beauty and stain resistant hardwood floors with the peace of mind that all floors are backed by our excellet 30 year residential finish guarantee and lifetime structural warranty
How Much Floor Should Buy?
  • Our professisonal installers recommend 6% to 8% extra for wastage factor consideration. Want to find a local installer? Click Here.

30 Yrs Finish Warranty  Installation Remarks  Maintenance & Care

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